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What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)?

When you buy a home in a community with an HOA you become part of a common interest development. As a result, you are required to share in the costs of maintaining and operating your community's common areas, buildings, structures, systems, equipment, and shared amenities. These costs are funded through the annual collection of homeowner fees and are enforced through an encumbrance registered on your property’s title. The goal of a common interest development is to enhance your lifestyle and keep your community clean, safe, beautiful, financially stable and ultimately protect your property value. Rangeview is being planned as a community with an HOA.

What are Rangeview's HOA Fees and what do they Include?

Rangeview's HOA Fees for 2024-2025  are $498.41 /year* + GST and include the following: 

1) OPERATION & MAINTENANCE of the community-owned gardens, greenhouses, structures and buildings located on Rangeview’s private lands.

2) EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to Rangeview’s private resident community building and any other private amenities.

3) PERSONNEL hired by the HOA to manage the community and run community programming, educational workshops and events. This would include an expert in food production.


5) ENHANCED LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE on private lands to ensure a higher standard of maintenance than that typically provided on public lands provided through property taxes (including watering). The HOA may also elect to negotiate an optional amenities agreement with the city to oversee the maintenance of select public lands.

6) INSURANCE POLICIES to protect the community's building structures and community property against damage.

7) UTILITIES covering electricity for power and lighting, water, heating etc. for all of the community's common area amenities.

8) CONTINGENCY FUNDS to cover unforeseen community expenses and emergencies.


*Please note that the fiscal year of the RHOA is from April 1st to March 31st. RHOA fees are reviewed against the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and will increase if there is an upward change in the CPI. 

What are HOA bylaws?

HOA bylaws outline the rules put in place to guide how the HOA is run, usually on a day to day basis.

Bylaws mostly revolve around operational issues, mainly pertaining to the board of directors of an HOA, and establish various rules and regulations that keep the structure of the HOA governing body in order. Like any governing entity, corporation, or institution’s bylaws, HOA bylaws:

  • articulate and regulate board members’ powers

  • dictate how the operations of the board of directors affects residents

  • and establish the parameters for how board members and residents can interact with each other on a variety of issues 

The purpose of bylaws is to provide communities with clear communication on how exactly the board members that preside over them are held accountable while in their positions.

How are the Bylaws & annual RHOA fee payment enforced?

The Rangeview Homeowners Association bylaws are registered on each Rangeview homeowner's land title by way of an encumbrance, within which security is granted to the RHOA for fee payment. Rangeview homeowner's are required to comply with this encumbrance on title or legal action can be taken by the RHOA to enforce compliance.

Who is in charge of Rangeview's gardens?

In Rangeview there are two types of lands/gardens: private lands owned and maintained by the Rangeview Homeowners Association (RHOA) and public lands owned and maintained by the City of Calgary. The public lands owned by the City of Calgary will ultimately become the responsibility of the City of Calgary whereas the maintenance of all private amenities and gardens owned by the RHOA will be overseen by the full-time staff of the RHOA; or contracted out as required.

Will the food grown in Rangeview be shared by all residents?

Food produced on Rangeview's private lands will be shared with participating residents through a community harvest share program or sold through a local community farmers’ market to the benefit of the Rangeview Homeowners Association (RHOA).

Food produced on the public lands will not be used for commercial purposes. Instead, a portion of food grown on public lands (such as municipal reserve) may be donated to charitable organizations as a way to support the larger Calgary community and allow for the reserve lands to be used for public good. Any remainder will be distributed to the volunteers who have provided their expertise and time in kind for planting, maintaining, and harvesting the crops to share with members of the public and local community.

Who should I contact if I spot a burned out streetlight?

In Rangeview there are public lands that will be turned over to The City of Calgary for ownership and maintenance and lands that will become part of the private lands that are owned and maintained by the Rangeview Homeowners Association (RHOA). Once the developer has turned a Phase over to the City of Calgary, they become responsible for its maintenance and 311 is the number to call for assistance with non-emergency and non-law enforcement related services (e.g. burnt out street lights, garbage & recycling services, City bylaw-related issues, potholes, street cleaning, property tax account inquiries etc.).  

For any inquiries about phasing and public versus private lands please contact the RHOA at

Rangeview Designated Schools

Calgary Public Schools:

McKenzie Lake K-9

Mountain Park 5-9

Lord Beaverbrook Senior High


Calgary Separate Schools:

Don Bosco K-9

Bishop O' Bryan Senior High

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