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About Us

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Who We Are

With a collection of amenities as rare and special as offered in Rangeview, it was essential to establish the Rangeview Homeowners Association (RHOA) to manage the ongoing care of gardens and gathering spaces. Here, our professional team is dedicated to ensuring your community remains beautiful and vibrant over the years, and that it is safe, inviting and alive with enriching programs.

Entrusted with ensuring Rangeview remains financially stable and ultimately, protecting your property value, the RHOA will be guided by a resident board of directors and operated by full-time staff, including an RHOA Manager and an Urban Agriculture Educator.

Harvesting Vegetables

Garden-to-Table Initiatives

As part of the agricultural urbanism principles that inspired Rangeview’s creation, numerous garden-to-table initiatives will be incorporated within the community. 

These will include the RHOA-managed community gardens, orchards, greenhouses, structures and common areas, all designed to connect neighbours through gardening and food celebration. These gardens and spaces will inspire lifelong learning and encourage community involvement with events and programs, and will include:

  • Shared spaces designed for planting, cultivation & food preparation

  • Demonstration gardens to teach healthy gardening principles & practices

  • Activities, festivals and markets with a focus on urban agriculture

Children in the Garden

& Education 

For residents interesting in learning about Community Gardening or wishing to expand their existing knowledge, the RHOA and Urban Agriculture Educator will provide guidance and assistance in a wide variety of ways.

  • Providing professional assistance in education regarding the planting, growing and harvesting of food

  • Course topics will include designing food gardens, food preserving and canning

  • Local schools will be partners in educational opportunities involving the use of Rangeview food production amenities

  • Planting and growing education will be provided for home-based gardens (back/front yards, balconies, courtyards)

Garden Dinner Table

Food Celebration
& Gathering

Food – whether as a meal prepared with family or as produce grown with neighbours – has always united and strengthened the bonds that make great communities.

When it’s time to come together and enjoy the literal fruits of their labour, Rangeview residents will gather throughout the community at fun year-round events including:

  • Seasonal/holiday celebrations including Stampede parties and harvest festivals

  • Ongoing scheduled events, such as picnics and block parties

  • Farmers’ and local makers’ markets, food truck events and more


Homeowner in Rangeview

"...we are happy that we chose this community. Our neighbors are very friendly, it is nice to see how the community gardens and greenhouse have developed and I love to see how the kids enjoy, especially the playground that has a very original design...The events and programs that the RHOA has done have always been very well organized and enjoyable. It's nice to see how the community continues to grow."


Homeowner in Rangeview

“This platform of garden-to-table community is AMAZING! Seeing everyone working together to build something great has been so special. Can’t wait to continue building relationships and friendships in my new community through growing, eating, & celebrating with each other!”


 Homeowner in Rangeview

“The activities are good for the whole family. We always try to attend the events when our schedules permit because we want to involve our child in building the community, making new friends and also being able to spend quality time with her.”


Homeowner in Rangeview

"It's exciting to meet our new neighbours and learn about plants through the garden workshops and programs. I can't wait to utilize what we have learned and create mini gardens in our yard!”

Contact Us

Office Address

#320, 110 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, Alberta, T2C 3G3



Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 8:00 pm

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