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Welcome to the Rangeview Homeowners Association

Communities Grow Better Together

The Rangeview Homeowners Association (RHOA) is responsible for consistently maintaining a high standard of living within Section23 Developments' community of Rangeview.

Our residents’ satisfaction is our top priority, and we plan events and programs for exactly that purpose.

You can count on us for items related to RHOA-owned common area maintenance and community services.

We also work closely with Section23 Developments, the developer of Rangeview, and the City of Calgary.

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About Our HOA

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Programs & Events

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Garden-to-Table Initiatives

Every resident of Section23's Rangeview can participate in cultivating a vibrant way of life. Rangeview offers a lifestyle unlike anywhere else in Alberta, in a neighbourhood where the food we grow, eat and share takes the spotlight.

All residents are welcome to be part of our garden-to-table lifestyle, but growing a garden is never required. In fact, there are countless ways to enjoy life here, whether you have a green thumb, enjoy a great meal with friends, or simply love the beauty of your neighbourhood in bloom.

All year long, Rangeview’s Homeowners Association will connect neighbours, inspire lifelong learning, support the community’s gardens, and create an atmosphere of joy with a series of events, celebrations and programs

Child Picking Fruit

Planting the Seeds of Agricultural

‘Agricultural Urbanism’ is the practice of integrating local food growth into the design and programming of neighbourhoods and communities. Driven by the demand for social, economic and environmental sustainability, the idea of Agricultural Urbanism is quickly gaining momentum across North America.

Communities like Rangeview are at the forefront of reconnecting and educating people about the growth, processing and preparation of the food we eat, creating a more vibrant and prosperous community and a more resilient and culturally rich food system that can be passed down for generations.

Office Address

#320, 110 Quarry Park Blvd SE

Calgary, Alberta T2C 3G3




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