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Garden Bed Planting

Time to plan! Although we won’t be able to get out into the garden until at least mid-May, early February is the perfect time to start planning what we’ll be growing in the summer. By getting our plans ready now we’ll have ample time to order seeds, plants, and supplies. Once our seeds and supplies arrive, we’ll be right on time for sowing early starts like peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse. Planning ahead will also allow us to select and place companion plants together, resulting in healthier, happier gardens.

The RHOA Garden Club will be hosting a garden bed planning workshop on Saturday February 19th. During this virtual event, residents will take part in a garden bed mapping activity. This activity will include information about how to plan a garden bed and the factors that should be considered when selecting and locating plant material. This activity will also provide residents with the opportunity to provide input on what they would like to see growing in the greenhouse and in the community gardens.

We’ll wrap up this community event with a microgreen sowing and growing demonstration. Residents will be provided with re-usable microgreen growing kits, soil, seeds, and instructions. Learn how to grow your own microgreens at home and enjoy fresh, nutritious sprouts all year long. These kits will also be available to the public for purchase.

For more information about planning a garden in Calgary, check out this step-by-step guide.

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