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Introducing the Rangeview Community Greenhouse

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

We are excited to share that the construction of the Rangeview Community Greenhouse is well underway!

This beautiful structure is one of many amenities planned for this community. We cannot wait to complete this project and open the doors to our residents. The Community Greenhouse in Rangeview will be a hub for year-round gardening activities, programs, events, and workshops. The greenhouse is a space for community members to connect with each other and learn about growing in a controlled environment. The RHOA is excited to be able to provide residents with a warm and welcoming space to grow edible and ornamental plants.

The style of the greenhouse is called ‘Cape Cod’ which is a characteristically stylish greenhouse with a high-pitched a-frame roof. The pitch of the roof is perfect for northern climates as snow slips right off, allowing ample sunlight in, even during the winter months. The Community Greenhouse is just over 50 feet long, 20 feet wide, with 10-foot walls, and 20 feet at the center of the a-frame.

The RHOA (Rangeview Homeowners Association) is excited to be able to extend our growing season in Rangeview. In Calgary, we are limited to an outdoor growing season of just over 100 days. Despite the short growing season, Calgary receives tons of sunlight and is in fact the sunniest city in Canada, which makes it an ideal location for growing in a greenhouse.

Interesting Fact: The greenhouse will be equipped with simple and intuitive systems including automatic vent openers (AVO’s) that have hydraulic pistons that are heat sensitive. When the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds 21°C the vents open automatically and close again once the temperature in the greenhouse drops to 13°C. This passive form of ventilation regulates the temperature within the greenhouse without using any electricity.

To find out more about the construction of the greenhouse be sure to join our mailing list! You can also stay up to date with the construction process and everything else we are planning for the community on our social media accounts linked at the bottom and top corners of the page.

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