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Horticulture Hangout

This week, the greenhouse experienced high temperatures, prompting some plants to begin flowering—a promising sign of future harvests. Additionally, we welcomed two summer students on Wednesday, bolstering our workforce and enabling us to clear out the raised beds outside the greenhouse. Once the threat of frost dissipates, we'll be ready to commence planting.

On Saturday, we're hosting the Bring Your Own Planter event, offering surplus greenhouse plants to residents. Bring a pot no larger than 15 inches in diameter, and we'll assist with filling it. Interested participants can register on the Rangeview HOA website.


Next week's Horticultural Hangout will focus on outdoor cultivation, addressing topics like sowing strategies (indoors vs. outdoors), optimal planting times, and seed sowing techniques. Additionally, we'll be prepping to planting seeds for various root vegetables, including carrots, onions, and radishes in outdoor garden beds. And depending on volunteer turn out, get the seed in the ground. 

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Horticulture Hangout

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