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Horticulture Hangout

Last week in the greenhouse, we were all hands on deck. We potted up more tomatoes, ensuring our garden would flourish with abundance. To boost the strength of our green friends, we fertilized every plant meticulously. Alongside, we sowed the seeds for herbs like parsley, dill, and chives, as well as the colorful blooms of marigolds and nasturtiums, infusing our space with vitality.

This week, we're keeping the momentum going. More tomatoes are on the agenda for potting up, while seedlings are being shifted to larger pots for optimal growth. We're also prepping for irrigation by rearranging pots and palettes. Additionally, we enchorage any community members to stop by our  Horticultural Hangout this Wednesday. We are gearing up to fertilize everything in the greenhouse, so feel free to drop by if you're keen on learning the art of proper fertilization and selecting the ideal fertilizer for your plants.

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Horticulture Hangout

Last week at the greenhouse was all about getting our hands dirty and making progress. We started off by rearranging pallets to make space for new additions, ensuring our greenhouse layout is efficien


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