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DIY Outdoor Rustic Winter Planters

Creating unique winter-themed planters is a great way to get outdoors and unleash your creative side. All you need is some fresh Evergreen boughs, Dogwood and/or Willow branches, Pinecones, and Real or Faux Winter Berries. You can also add bows and balls for more festive flair!

Create your own Rustic Winter Planter using these step-by-step instructions!

Step 1: Measure your planter. Get the height, width, and length of the planter. If it's a round planter all you need is the diameter and height.

Step 2: Based on the size of your planter, purchase or repurpose 10" (3 gallons) plastic nursery pots. For example, if your planter is 14" in diameter and 10" high, one 10" (3 gallons) grower pot will be perfect. If you have a long planter, calculate how many 10" nursery pots will fit length-wise, make sure to include around 4" of space between the 10" pots.

Don't worry too much about gaps around the edges of your planter, the branches and decor will spill over and cover these areas. If the gaps are too large, pack the soil tightly in the gaps and insert extra Evergreen boughs and branches into these areas.

Step 3: Purchase potting mix from a local garden center, or repurpose old soil from beds and containers in your yard or garden.

Step 4: *You will need pruning shears (secateurs)* You'll need the following items for each 10" nursery pot:

  • 5 - 10 Evergreen boughs (measuring 10" - 15" in length). You can use Pine, Spruce, Fir, Hemlock, and Juniper. Try mixing and matching different boughs for more texture.

  • 3 - 6 Dogwood or Willow Branches (measuring 12" - 18" in length)

  • 2 - 3 Pinecones (varying sizes)

  • 2 - 3 Branches with real or faux berries

  • Thin wire, string, or zip ties to fasten pine cones to branches

  • You can also use wire, string, or zip ties to shear the Dogwood/ Willow branches, and to fasten your festive décor


  • Around 24" length of your favourite ribbon, or a pre-made bow

  • Christmas Tree balls/ ornaments

Most local garden centres carry different fresh greens. We recommend Countrysides Landscape and Garden Centre.

Step 5: Time to Design! First, fill up your nursery pots with soil. Then, compile your resources and start designing. If you're making more than one 10" liner, make sure you divvy up your décor so that each planter is full.

Step 6: The final step! Place your nursery pots into your outdoor planter. If you already have soil in your planter, dig out a 10" deep x 10" diameter hole. If they're empty, place the nursery pot and back-fill around the edges with soil for a snug fit.

Wet down the soil in the planters to provide the cut branches with some moisture. This water will freeze and will prevent your branches from shifting in the wind.

If you try this at home please be sure to share your winter planter with us @rangeviewyyc on Instagram.

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